Friday, September 02, 2005

Amiga emulator update

The PSP UAE(Ultimate Amiga Emulator) v0.31 has now added keyboard support.

Amiga emulator update

The Sun (UK Paper) is now available for the PSP

"The Sun Online ( has become the first national UK newspaper website to harness the potential of the Sony PSP and feature exclusive movie content as a download."

Nice to see the British are showing love for the PSP. Now you to can get out of the handheld gaming ghetto.

NFS: Most Wanted Screens

These screens look hot! The PSP is such a capable little device. We are getting closer to PS2 graphics daily.

NFS: Most Wanted Screens

Demos via Wi-Fi

Playstation Spot is a way to distribute demo versions of PSP titles from one PSP to several via WiFi connection. So don't forget to bring your PSP to TGS'05 to experience the demo games yourself!

Wi-Fi Demos

Hot new PSP case

Kind of ugly, to me, but still hot. The PSP is the accessory king.

Designer PSP Case

Monday, May 02, 2005

1,000,000 PSPs For Europe

It looks like Europe will get 1 million PSPs on judgement launch day.
"Reports are in today that Sony will have one million units available on launch day - that's the same number as they promised for North America"

40 Games and 20 Movies!!! No friggin way.
"There are also reports that there will be an unprecedented 40 games available in time for September and 20 UMD movies."


Night Club Videos For The PSP

This is strange but here is a link to club videos for the PSP.



This website allows PDA like features for the PSP. There is a catch. It is all online through the Wipeout browser hack. I don't know about putting me friends info online though.


More Movie Studios Back UMD

Fox, Paramount and Universal Studios are all considering releasing films for the PSP in the UMD format. Buena Vista, Lions Gate and Sony Pictures are already releasing movies on this thing. More and more people are using the PSP as a portable entertainment system (PES). It fulfills all your entertainment needs in one small package.

Sweet Custom Game Save Backgrounds

Some people have created their own game save backgrounds. Most are sweet. Give it a look.


PSP Demo Disk Magazine Pack-In

Well... in Japan. The next issue of Famitsu PSP, a Japanese PSP-only magazine, will include a UMD demo disk for the PSP. The disk will feature Tenchi no Mon and comes in a standard PSP case. The release date is set for June 17th.

E3 Trailer PSP Format

This is great! Everyone is getting on board with the PSP and its movie (MP4) playback feature. Here is an E3 trailer for the PSP.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Welcome Back Internet Explorer

I mainly use Firefox as my default browser. It does all I need with some great features. I do test my stuff with Internet Explorer and when I setup the site it looked great. The problem is how IE handles CSS over Firefox. Firefox consequently renders the page correctly and IE does not when the links have a length that goes beyond the specified width. I "fixed" the problem by removing portion of the link. You will still be taken to the desired article but only the website's main URL will be displayed.

Sony PSP Worldwide Shipment Info

PSP worldwide shipment ending on March 31, 2005

PSP Hardware - total 2.97 million units

Japan - 1.44 million units
North America - 1.53 million units

PSP Software - total 5.7 million units

Japan - 2.7 million units
North America - 3.0 million units

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

PSP Cradle

This looks sweet! It looks as if you could modify it pretty easy.

"You love your PSP and want to offer it a worthy throne? Well, here's the PSP Cradle, which is a charging cradle and it also has a connector to hook it up to some speakers."


Podcatching and audio autofill for your PSP without iTunes

With this walk-through you will be able to fill your PSP like an iPod Shuffle without the bloated iTunes.

"iPSP offers an easy way to sync video and music to your PSP on the Windows side, with one drawback: its music management functionality is tied to iTunes."


Monday, April 25, 2005

PSP For Europe Launches September 1st

Europe finally recieves their on September 1st. It appears that they are going to get the same "Value Pack" that we in the States got.

"After months of uncertainty, SCEE this evening finally nailed a release date for PSP – the machine confirmed to hit Europe on September 1st for £179 (249 Euros)."


Sony President Talks PSP - PS3 Compatibility

"Smedley then described a future where you could play an online game via your PSP, PS3, PC, and cell phone where you would be able to play the same game utilizing the same character on all platforms."

Sweet! I am so looking forward to this. I can work on a character while I am away from the house and then I can upload the changes to my home console version. It will also mean that I need two copies of the game. One for each system.


Atom Films delivers movies formatted for the PSP

Atom Films now has films for download that are formatted for the PSP. Currently 3 titles are available.

Current Titles:
In God We Trust


NBA Street Showdown and FIFA Soccer Shipping

EA said earlier today that it's now shipping NBA Street Showdown and FIFA Soccer for the Sony PSP. Both of the games, which retail for $49.99, should hit stores this week.


Battelfield 2 Modern Combat comming to Sony's PSP

Digital Illusions has announced that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is coming to the PSP. This is great news as the first Battlefield: 1942 was an excellent game. Lets hope that all of the online modes are in place for this portable version. Can you imagine 32 players battling it out online with the PSP?


2 New PSP Magazines has two new PSP formatted magazines. Motor Trend - 2007 Future Vehicle Forcast and IGN - ATV Off Road Furry: Blazin Trails review.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Web Based PSP Games

The title says it all.


PSP Saves

Having trouble with a PSP game? Need a little help? How about saves of completed games? Sounds good to me too.


PSP Under Powered?

There have been reports around that the PSP is only running at 222Mhz and not the 333Mhz as advertised. This is true. The first batch of games were locked, by the software, to the slower speed. You might ask why? Well Sony did not want reports out the door of the thing lasting less than 2 hours. My PSP heats up on long crawls through Untold Legends with Wi-Fi enabled. I can only assume that it will get hotter and last less with games like GT 4 and maybe GTA. That could explain the need to push back the date of those two titles. The new (longer lasting) battery is supposed to be released in the fall too. E3 is so close.

PSP Magazines

The stuff does not stop rolling in. You can now download magazines for the PSP. The magazines are in picture format. Just drop the directory of the magazine into your Photo directory on the memory stick. I have checked them out and can only hope this keeps up.

Screen Magnifier

This is total wackness but here is the link.

It appears that Disney is preparing a new batch of movies to be released on UMD format. I saw a commercial the other day for House of Daggers for DVD and UMD. Could UMD be a viable alternate format for the portalable dvd market?

May 3
National Treasure
Reign of Fire

June 21
King Arthur: Extended Unrated Director's Cut

July 19
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Gone in 60 Seconds Unrated Director's Cut
Dusk Till Dawn

PSP Linux

They have ported Linux to everything from a toaster to the latest and greatest gadgets. That includes the Sony PSP very soon. The guys over at have the talent and support to bring Linux to the PSP. Keep checking back for more information. If you are a Linux developer then head over to the forums to give a helping hand.

GTA delayed until fall

It appears that a listing on Amazon for GTA for the PSP has the game's release date sometime in the fall. We will know soon enough with E3 being right around the corner.


Control iTunes with your PSP

If you have that burning desire to control iTunes with your PSP using the Wipeout Pure browser hack, a Mac, and a wireless router. If you are browsing the web with the PSP then you are almost there.


First Post

This is the first post on PSPortal. This site will deliver news formatted for the PSP console. I picked my PSP on day one and love it.

Here is my current PSP setup:
PSP Value Pack
Spiderman 2 UMD
Wipeout Pure
THUG 2 Remix
Twisted Metal Head On
Untold Legends
512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo